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Phoenix Park – Dublin’s greenest space

12 May 2017 · 2 min read
Phoenix Park

Living in Dublin can be exhausting since it’s a busy business town, attracting many multinational companies, business people and tourists. After having completed busy working days it can sometimes be hard to step a foot into the gym and that’s where Phoenix Park becomes ideal. Being the lungs of Dublin city, it offers plenty of outdoor activities. Get to know Dublin’s greatest green space by reading on..

General details

1750 acres make Phoenix Park the greatest city park in Europe and it has surprisingly twice the size of Central Park in New York. It is 350 years old and the walls that surround the green area, run for 11 kilometres.

Accessible 24/7

The gates at both sides of Phoenix Park are always open. One reason is of course that it has been a decision made by Dublin’s government but another reason is that the gates had been hidden in the second World War but to their big regret, they never managed to find them back.

Outdoor activities

Besides the obvious, that the park is ideal for joggers and runners, there are 12 soccer pitches, 7 GAA pitches, 3 camogie pitches, 2 cricket pitches, one polo ground and even a model aeroplane area. The oldest cricket club in the world has been founded in Phoenix Park and Polo has always been a great Irish sport.

Other than that, cyclists love to spend their time here and it is even allowed to do Segway tours in this great green area.

Hundreds of deer live in Phoenix Park which makes it an ideal Sunday family trip with the kids. Hot many can you spot?


Not only is Phoenix Park the home of the Wellington monument since 1861, which honours the liberation of Ireland but the Pope’s visit was honoured by a huge steel cross right in the middle of the park as well. Next to that, the President finds his home in Phoenix Park, as Dublin Zoo does.

Running events

If you’re keen on taking the challenge to run a (semi-)marathon, there is plenty of choice.

The city of Dublin organises many running contests each year to raise money for charities. Some of them are the Irish Runner 5-mile in August and the Great Ireland run in April.

Nevertheless Phoenix Park is the perfect spot to get rid of stress, to increase blood pressure and to free your mind.

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